George Alamidis: I.D.

About the project:

This project includes a display of two hundred and ten Greek identity cards. These cards were made, and issued, in the post war period in Greece, and had to be carried everywhere. They allowed the holder to travel no more than thirty kilometers from their place of residence.

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The inside text described the holder, and included details such as the colour of eyes, hair, and paternal lineage. A photograph and the appropriate stamps and signatures were also included to ensure the authenticity of the holder, as well as the appropriate authorities.

Made of paper, these cards were cheap and fragile, sensitive to handling, and able to retain evidence of the passing of time. Sixty years later in a place half way across the globe (Australia) these cards are found amidst the possessions of people who have lived through "interesting times". They are a connection with their place of birth, reminders of social, political and religious links and divisions, as well as records of identity and cultural status determined by birth.

In my research, questions about these cards were treated with a degree of suspicion, and copying the cards became
a sensitive issue. In the past forgeries of such material would have obviously caused major concerns for the holder and authorities.

This project is an arrangement of two hundred and ten cards, which are sorted and arranged according to colour. Monochromatic panels of thirty five cards are placed together in acrylic holders and are organised according to chroma and tone. Photographic enlargements of some of the portraits are included in the exhibition and offer the viewer a glipse of the interior, encouraging an interactive approach. These cards are meant to be held and looked through like a small book. Newspaper articles which deal with past forgeries of such material are also included as a preamble to the display. The overall size of the display may vary in size and will be determined by available space.


1988 - 1989 Graduate Diploma in Fine Art R.M.I.T. ;
1983 - 1988 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art R.M.I.T. ;
1978 - 1982 Certificate of Applied Art Preston Technical College;


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