Call for submission

Dear Artist,

please feel free to submit artworks!

1. We are currently organising the media art exhibition "WORK IN MOTION - migration, mobility and labour".

2. The exhibition was first proposed for this gallery: Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria.

3. We need: your provisory submission of adequate work to get approval for the funds. Please submit net art, interactive works or video art.

Please submit via e-mail but without attachments.

Please include: a short biography (less then 250 words), a short description of the work (less then 250 words) and a link to a webpage or an online PDF that describes the work and its needs to be exhibited. Please tell us who recommended you, too.

Please submit works to this e-mail address:

Timeframe for the exhibition: in Sofia: 2 June - 19 June 2009

Timeframe for the proposed exhibition in Istanbul: October 2010

Please let us know which of your works you would like to submit for our exhibition.

4. Please see the full conception on the home page of this site.