Curators of the exhibition:

Etta Gerdes

1974 born in Krefeld, Germany
1994 - 1998 Study of English Literature in Duisburg, D, Marburg, D and Coventry, U.K.1998 - 2004 Study of Photography at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, D
2004 Degree in England, “In Search for Paradise”
2004 Elected member of Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet, an association of freelance photographers in the Ruhr Area
2005 Fine Art Project in Canada with Goethe-Institut Montreal
2006 “Picturing Landscape Architecture. The Work of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander seen by Etta Gerdes”, published by Callwey Verlag, München 2007

Vice Chairperson of Pixelproject Ruhrgebiet
since 2003 Assistant and management activities for HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund
since 2007 Developement and management of media-art workshops for HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund

Etta Gerdes works as a fine art photographer. Various Solo- and Groupexhibitions in Europe and North-America.

Web Site Etta Gerdes

Per Pegelow:

1974 born in Hamburg, Germany

2006-present: Per Pegelow lives and works in Hamburg and Bristol as media artist and curator .
2006-2008: Per Pegelow studied Media Art and New Media at the Bristol University West of England. Got his Master Degree in January 2008 for the praxis integrated research project “Gating – the Migration of Industry”. Prof. Bob Cotton and Prof. Paul Gough.
1998-2005: Studied Communications-Design at the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund. Diploma (2nd Degree)
1995-1998: Studied Philosophy and Photography at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Art, Hamburg.
Public collections:
New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA;
The Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Ithaca, USA.
Awards, Sponsorships and Advancements:

Nominated for the “Australian Effects & Animation Festival” award, 2006 [Project: Goaling Loops]
Advancement from “Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung”, Germany, 2006;
Award from the “European Media Art Festival”, 2005 [Group Project: Balkan Wars - The Game];
Nominated for the “International Digital Art Awards”, 2004 [Project: War Against Terror]

Participated in various exhibitions and symposiums:

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