Société Réaliste: [EU Green Card Lottery Project]

About the Project

EU Green Card Lottery Project
Web Site Société Réaliste

To address the issue of global immigration management, Société Réaliste has devised a three-part project consisting of a website, a promotional campaign and a physical installation. The EU Green Card Lottery website mimics a very specific type of website - “parasite” websites - which exploit aspiring migrant workers hoping to apply for the American Green Card Lottery system. These sites encourage migrant candidates to apply to the U.S. State Department Lottery through them and pay for this service which is actually free. These parasite websites are designed to resemble official U.S. Sites complete with star-spangled banner, bald eagle, statue of liberty, etc. but are really just frauds – another component of the
vast engine of the migration business. The idea of the EU Green Card Lottery project website is to stay as close as possible to what could be an official EU program, in order to engage with the main problems and principles of the generalized migration business.

About the Autors

Société Réaliste is a Paris-based artistic cooperative created by Ferenc Gróf (1972, Pécs, HU) and Jean-Baptiste Naudy (1982, Paris, FR). This cooperative manages the development of several research and economical structures such as a laboratory for the study of urban signs (IGM), an immigration agency (EU Green Card Lottery), a trend design bureau specialized in political transitions (Transitioners), an adinistration dedicated to the politics of the space (Ministère de l'Architecture), a legislative consulting firm, expert in competitive and sustainable lawmaking (Cabinet Société Réaliste Conseil), a counter-biennial
(Manifesta 6.1), a company designing marketing models for the contemporary art field (PONZI'S), or a collective finance fund for individual projects (OTC).
2007 projects by Société Réaliste includes solo exhibtions at Ze Dos Bois (Lisbon) and Kunstpavillon (Innsbruck), participations in collective projects in Moscow (2nd Moscow Biennial), Paris (@nbsp, Mains d'Oeuvres...), Berlin (WestGermany) or Vienna (Paraflows), as well as public presentation at Documenta XII Magazine (Kassel), La Box (Bourges) or La Générale (Paris)